Connor’s Comtemplation

Connor “Coyote” Duke

Looking back on my year here at IES Senara, I possess many feelings of nostalgia, and to be writing this as I say goodbye truly allows me to reminisce on all the terrific times that we have had, and have my experience hit home. It is here, nestled in the quiet, and quaint village of Babilafuente, that I have had my first experience on the other side of education–sharing my knowledge of the English language. Though this is a job for me, my experience here has scarcely felt as such. My time here at IES Senara has been formative, and phenomenal. Most of all, I am overjoyed, lucky, and gracious to say that I am leaving with a sense of family.

Formatively, I have had the chance to learn and practice the profession of education under the helpful and generous hands of those in the English department and bilingual section. Upon arrival to the school, I was terrified to be in front of the class, all eyes on me, waiting for my next words. The chance to lead activities, answer questions, and help compart a language that I hope will help all of you students to make new friends, life, love or business connections has given me pride. I no longer feel the aforementioned fear, only a desire to be with you teens and pass my days in the best way possible. I am leaving a more confident and better equipped individual for whatever the world has to throw at me.

There has been no shortage of fun that I have had whilst here at IES Senara. Each day, I wake up with excitement to come to the school because of how well we pass each day here in this uniquely circular-shaped building, hanging out, sharing laughs with cool students, and teachers alike. We play games in the classroom, go for jogs and practice sports in the gym, and have fun events such as the basketball, and football tournaments. I can tell you firsthand that my Spanish friends here in Salamanca and my American friends, be it where they are, are envious of this.

Having lived at least a six-hour plane ride away from family and friends since the age of 18, the feeling of being separated from loved ones is not novel. That being said, it still can hit me to feel homesick or lonely while being out here. As a cause of this, I am ever grateful for the sentiment that has most stuck with me from my time here at IES Senara–family. I am greeted with more smiles, high fives, shakas, and good vibes than I could ever wish for. Passing the days with energetic, enthusiastic students and teachers alike. You all give me life and make me feel like a kid myself often, and I am lucky to leave the school each day with my heart full and with a desire to return the next day.

Lastly, I would like to leave you all with a bit of advice, the three-C’s I will call them. Care for the earth–reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible; nobody likes a dirty beach. Care for yourself– have fun, take care of your business, and sleep enough; don’t let the fear of hard work get you stuck in a rut. Care for your loved ones–the ones that make your life great are the ones that you need to do the same for; try always to give more than you take.

Thank you IES Senara for this ultimate and unforgettable opportunity. Each and every person that can be found wandering the halls of this institute has their own place in my heart that I assure you will never be lost. You all have shown me such a good time here in this amazing country, and this stage in my life would never have been the same without you. Whatever need any person has here at this school, be it an eye to look over your English homework, someone to talk to, a joke, high five, or surf lessons if that would tickle your interest, say no more, I am here for you. You all have definitely been there for me. Shakalakadoo, and cheeeeehooooo, THANK YOU!

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