A funny story

ROSA MARÍA VARAS SÁNCHEZ. Jefe del Dpto. de Inglés

Los alumnos durante el trimestre tienen que aprender a escribir en inglés distintos tipos de textos. En cada tipo de texto deben utilizar los contenidos aprendidos en la unidad. Este trimestre 4.º ESO ha trabajado biografías, reseñas de libros o películas, anécdotas o incluso experiencias inventadas. Es el caso de las dos que se presentan aquí.

The hungry bear


Two years ago, I was camping with my friends. We were preparing dinner when suddenly one of my friends saw a bear 100 meters away, then the bear started to walk towards us.

We remembered what the park ranger had told us to do in case we saw a bear, so one of my friends started to walk slowly in the opposite direction of the bear and then we all followed him.

Eventually the bear stopped in front of my special omelette and I realized that that night I wanted to eat omelette. When the bear left our camping zone, we were shocked and hungry because all the food had disappeared. Suddenly the bear appeared again but it brought two salmons in its mouth!!! Then the bear put the fishes on the ground and ran away, we were surprised because of that. After that, we grilled them and ate them.

In the end we missed the bear, we will never forget that bear.

A ghost in my house


One day of winter I was alone in my house and some strange things started to happen. I didn’t have an idea of the terrible thing that was going to occur.

The 28th of December, last year, my parents were visiting my grandparents, and my sister was in my cousin’s house, so I was alone at home. I was playing computer games when I heard a noise. At the beginning I didn’t do anything, but when I heard it for the third time, I went to see what was happening. At first, I thought that something had fallen and broken, but in the kitchen there wasn’t anything out of order. Then I heard something in the living room, and suddenly the TV crashed. I thought that a burglar was in the house, but when I saw the broken TV floating in the air, I felt terrified. I started to run to the door, but it was closed and the keys were floating near a ghost!!! Then I took the phone and I called my parents but the ghost had cut the phone line.

Finally, I took a vacuum cleaner and I tried to absorb the ghost. It was weaker than it seemed. At the end I passed the ghost from the vacuum cleaner to a glass bottle and now it is part of the decoration of the house.

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