The Importance of Water

ALUMNADO de 2.º ESO Bilingüe en Inglés

Con motivo del Plan Medioambiental para lograr el sello ecológico para el centro, el tema abordado en el cuatrimestre pasado fue “El Agua”.

De este modo, el alumnado de 2.º ESO Bilingüe en Inglés ha realizado la actividad “The Importance of Water”, trabajando de forma oral y escrita unas fotografías basadas en el AGUA.

Dos alumnas del grupo eligieron las fotografías que más les impactaron y escribieron las siguientes redacciones:


In the photograph, there is a woman filling some water in a yellow carafe. Probably, she goes twice a day to the lake, one at dawn and other at dusk.

The carafe is very heavy and the road is not so easy. Not only women go to take some water, also the children go, so they can’t have time for their education. The population doesn’t have any water near, so she has to go to the lake to get it. When they get home, they have to continue working and so on every day.


In the photo I can see a woman. She feels happy and excited because she has a tap, so she doesn’t have to go back many kilometres away to get enough water to survive.

As she has got water, she can do other works like growing food to eat. Also, there is more vegetation, so the field is too green and beautiful.

I think that people are very affected by the lack of water, because it is important for living on Earth.

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