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Mariola and Jonatan’s bar is an incredible and popular place inside the high school. It’s a perfect bar for students. The students of the school usually go there during the break. They are happy with the menu. Teachers have a coffee there too. Visitors are always surprised with the food. There are a lot of different types of food. All food is tasty. They have got pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches and pastries. Students usually buy pizza and chewing gums. Some students don’t buy very often because they bring their food from home. Mariola sometimes gives chewing gums to children.20160318_121042

The bar is open all mornings, from Monday to Friday. It is closed at the weekend. If you want to visit Mariola’s bar, you can go there although you aren’t a student. Everyday people meet in the bar.



Mariola’s canteen is an amazing place, perfect for students because it is in the high school.

Students buy pizza, sandwiches, and pastries during the break. They also buy sweeties and chewing gums. Teachers often go to the bar and have a coffee and a snack. Mariola and Jonatan’s canteen is very comfortable because there are some tables and chairs where we can sit and eat. All food is tasty. There are delicious hamburgers and special pizzas because they are home made. Mariola cooks every morning. Pastries have a lot of chocolate and we love them.

The bar is open from Monday to Friday. It is closed at the weekend. Visitors also have a coffee in the canteen, for example, students’ mothers and the police sometimes. It´s a good place!!!


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