Languaje immersion at CRIE de Almazán

AUTORES: Alumnos y alumnas de 1.º E.S.O. de la sección bilingüe

From 13th to 17th November 25 students in 1ºESO and 2ºESO went to CRIE de Almazán (Soria). The journey was very long, it took six hours to arrive. When we arrived, we left all suitcases in our rooms and we went downstairs to the gym, where they explained the organisation and we met the other group of students. 

Then we had dinner and brushed our teeth. At night we walked around the village and saw the beautiful wall. After the walk, we went to sleep.  

Picture 1. In this picture we are on a night walk behind the wall in Almazán.

Each day we got up at 8, we got ready and had different activities. Some of our favourite activities were an escape room, the photo-running activity, cycling with the bikes along the river through a route called “La Ruta del Duero”. We also enjoyed the night walks.  

Picture 2. In this picture, we are making a stopmotion with clay and legos. This was a great activity. 
Picture 3. In this picture we are in a calisthenics park. In this activity we make calisthenic activity in groups, one group designs one activity and the other groups do it.  
Picture 4. In this workshop we are programming a robot. We are programming the robot with a tablet. Later we were racing, the other team was very competitive. 
Picture 5. In this picture we were getting ready to go to «La Ruta del Duero´´ with bikes. Some people went walking with a blind boy, his name is Sergio. 
Picture 6. This is the playground of CRIE. In this playground we played football and different games. We had a snack in the morning and in the afternoon. In the playground there was a door that they opened in the afternoon. Inside there were games like table tennis, some books, crayons to paint stickers, board games and more things to play. 

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